Chateau Changyu Koya Brandy

XO oak ageing 15 Years

Chateau Changyu Koya Brandy

XO oak ageing 15 Years

Ugni Blanc




Limousin, France


Over 15 years

Barrels Year of Aging

40 % Vol.

Alcohol Content

650 ml

Bottle Size

Smooth and elegant in the mouth with delightful and rich floral and fruity taste that can be paired with almost all the delicious foods you can think of : meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, cakes, chocolate or even sip it without pairing any foods.

TASTING NOTES BY Mrs. Zhang Bao Chun, China's Wine Master and chief winemaker of Yantai Chateau Changyu Koya Brandy

Aroma characteristics: sandalwood, silky

Typical aromas: pear, hard sugar, toast, vanilla, aged wine fragrance, sweet scent of jasmine, cinnamon, cloves, dark chocolate, sandalwood.

Flavor: Crystal clear amber color, super smooth and elegant in the mouth with very complex floral and fruity taste, with roasted dry fruits, leather, tobacco aromas and velvety texture with a distinctive backbone and long aftertaste .


- Yantai being a cool region with a long growing season, like Bordeaux, the moderate coastal climate is ideal for growing aromatic quality grapes with great taste. Gravel and sandy loam soil with slightly acid make it an ideal environment for Ugni Blanc growing and for the vines root developing depth for minerals and nutrients.

- Selected Ugni Blanc from our own vineyard to be fermented with Temperature Controlled Double Yeast Fermentation method, which is granted with the first Chinese National Patent. Then distilled by Charentaise Pot Distillation plus Tower type Distillation by Leaving out initial and end parts of distilled brandy, only keep the heart of distilled brandy.

- Aged in different size of oak barrels of Limousin, France for over 15 years.