Chateau Changyu Koya

Château Koyac Brandy is located in Yantai, Shandong province, surrounded by the vast Ugni Blanc grape plantation, which has the same terroir as the famous Cognac wine region.

Its classic high-end brandy distillation equipment,Charentes pot stills,  precision process control system and computerized quality control system are comparable to the international first-class level. The modern cellar is full of oak barrels from the Limousin, French.

In 1892 Changyu opened the dawn of a new world of brandy. From 1915 to 2015, the two world gold awards, spanning a century of legend, gave the world a taste of the superior quality Brandy in China.

The establishment of Château Koyac Brandy has endowed the Chinese brandy with a century of inheritance and innovation spirit and lifted it to a new height.