Event News, December 2018


We are delighted to feature in UK wine-writer @chrislosh ’s new book #wheretodrinkwine by @quadrillebooks – a brilliant guide on the world’s must-visit wineries - wineries who are geared up for visits, tours and tastings. Great Christmas present for #winelovers in your life!
Thanks Chris for featuring us and dedicating a little section to China – ‘Wine is exploding in China’ … ‘In Ningxia, you have one of the fastest-growing and most interesting new wine regions on the planet’ ….and speaking on #changyumoserxv ‘there’s no shortage of ambition at this winery.’ ‘It’s vineyards are still relatively young, but Lenz is already excited.’ So if you are in Ningxia …come and see us! We are very well geared up for tourists. We are open 365 days a year, there is a history of wine museum and interactive play area for kids… as you can see in the pic above, fun for adults too! And of course the chance to taste and buy the wines. If you come at harvest time in September October you can taste the grapes too . Visit our site for more details (link in bio) #winesofchina #chinesewine #ningxia #ningxiawines #bookstagram #readersofinstagram