Event News, January 2020

CCMXV White Cabernet on BBC Saturday Kitchen

Great mention for the white cabernet on BBC Saturday Kitchen. Partnered with Ken Hom’s Steamed Cod, ginger juice, spring onions and soy sauce with spicy noodles.

Olly Smith: ' This is the best vintage they’ve had, they have used a Champagne yeast, which gives a bit more elegance, they had perfect conditions for the grapes, so really delicious fruit. It’s stunning. China is in the top 10 wine producers, but within the next 50 years, will no doubt be the top, and the quality is rising every single year.

Fay Ripley: ‘That’s divine.’

Matt Tebbutt (presenter): If you didn’t know, I mean, I’m not an expert, but I’d think I was drinking a nice Provence rosé.’

NB: They referred to it on screen in the stockist info as white cabernet - but did reference it as a rosé in the dialogue. But that is up to them!

Click here to watch the whole clip