Event News, October 2020

Launching at the iconic department store: KaDeWe

Lenz Moser and Frank Kaemmer arrives at this iconic department store, KaDeWe - happy to have gained the listing of our own Icon

  • Purple Air Comes from the East 
  • Moser Family Cabernet Sauvignon 


Proud and humbled by the fact we rank now at KaDeWe famous wine list - truly in the company of the worlds finest As the Chinese wine on shelf

And it’s selling ! Thank you KaDeWe for the chance to be there - this is an honor and obligation at the same time


Lenz: "Eternally grateful To KaDeWe and my cooperation with Changyu , to produce world class and being responsible for this project - I have had chances and success in the past , yet this is the climax of it all - so far ;-) "