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Producer Profile: Lenz Moser of Chateau Changyu Moser XV in Ningxia


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Mattia Scarpazza|11/6/2020

In this first producer profile episode, a new segment of the podcast where I converse with wine producers about their wines - history and what is to come from them.
I speak to Lenz Moser, Head winemaker of Chateau Changyu Moser XV in Ningxia China.

China may not be the first country that spring to mind when thinking about wine, but it is now on the top five country in number of vineyards and number of bottle produced for year - as always I like to explore what new and original is coming out in the greater wine world in my podcasts, and who is best that Lenz Moser as first guest with his fine wines produce in China one of the first contemporary winery in the whole country.

Lenz specialised in Cabernet sauvignon, although his previous experiences in Bordeaux and Napa valley, he says that he’s never seen such small berries in his 35years experience as winemaker and in Ningxia – He tell us why he like to work with them so much.

We talk about the Ningxia’s climate and the influence of the nearby Helen mountain ranges home of the first Chinese Appellation. This region faces very few climatic problems other than having jaw-dropping freezing temperatures of -30℃ and Lenz tell us how the vines in have to be bury to protect them from die and his white Cabernet an unique take on Cabernet Sauvignon.
Also, with Lenz we talk about the Greater Chines market and I was surprised to hear that there is a bit of downslope in the wine consumption.

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A Special Thanks today to guest, Lenz Moser.

For further information on the regions wines and the winery follow the links and also to the book.
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