Restaurant News, August 2021

Restaurant Fatt Pundit - Now feature Chateau Changyu Moser XV wines

Fatt Pundit
An exciting new Indo-Chinese, adorned with vintage artworks of Indian deities and bamboo birdcages, comes to Covent Garden this month, following the success of its flagship Soho venue. The menu tells the story of India’s Chinese immigrant community, alongside cocktails inspired by the flavours and spices of both countries, such as the Birds Eye Margarita, made with bird’s eye green chillies, used extensively in Indo-Chinese cooking, as well as tequila and pink salt. Guests can expect steamed momos, hearty Nepalese dumplings packed with beef, leek and chilli, Malabar monkfish curry and sweet and sticky venison, with burnt garlic and crispy noodles. The wine list features a carefully curated collection of white varieties, such as Gewurztraminer, Gruner and Riesling, as well as wines from China such as the Chateau Changyu Moser XV Helan Mountain Blanc – the first ever white Cabernet Sauvignon to come out of China.

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