Event News, March 2023

A-Lister Encounters Ace | Longyu Joins ASC to Advance to Michelin and Black Pearl Restaurants

On March 15th, the Lu Style flagship store held the "Warm Spring Open Source" Longyu themed event at the world-class "City Reception Hall" Shanghai Suhewan, with strategic cooperation between Longyu and ASC Fine Wines to jointly develop into high-end restaurants such as Michelin and Black Pearl.

Lu Style, specializing in the new style of Shandong cuisine, has successively made the list of Michelin and Black Pearl in 2023, and is the only Shandong cuisine brand that has won both "Michelin" and "Black Pearl", making it the "A-Lister" of Shandong cuisine.

With its hard core strength, Longyu has won over 100 global awards and is well sold in 45 countries, including the United States, Britain, France, and Germany, making it a new benchmark for global wine. Longyu has also settled in a number of top catering terminals in the world, including Michelin 3-star Vendome in Germany, Michelin 3-star Xinrongji in Beijing, Michelin 2-star Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in the UK, Michelin Plate Award Spices Kitchen&Terrace in the Swiss, and more.

ASC Fine Wines, deeply involved in the imported wine industry in China for more than 20 years, will join hands with Longyu this year to enter more Michelin and Black Pearl restaurants.

It is revealed in the market statistics in 2022 that there are 7 high-end chateaus with revenue exceeding 100 million yuan in the entire Chinese wine industry, including 4 by Changyu, among which Longyu is one.

On April 28th, Longyu Wine, a subsidiary of Changyu Pioneer Wine Company, held an event in Beijing to promote its brand and share its plans for the future. At the event, Chinese actor Li Naiwen made a guest appearance and expressed his appreciation for Longyu Wine.

Longyu Wine has a historical heritage dating back to 131 years ago, and it has established a certain reputation and position in the international community. Changyu Pioneer Wine Company aims to make this brand more famous, achieve sales of tens of millions of bottles, and create a myth similar to Moutai in the world wine industry.

Li Naiwen, a famous actor and old friend of Changyu, appeared as a mysterious guest at the event, bringing the atmosphere to a climax. He expressed his deep feelings for Longyu and Changyu, stating that he has connections with both brands as he was born in Ningxia, where Longyu was born, and his mother is from Yantai, where Changyu is from.

Li Naiwen has a passion for wine, and he expressed his belief that Longyu Wine is the strength of domestic Chinese wines. He praised the brand's taste, structure, and level in all aspects.

At the event, Longyu Wine shared its plans to continue to provide top-notch product quality and strength and partner with more top terminals in the world to promote high-end Chinese wine.

Overall, the event was successful in promoting Longyu Wine and strengthening its position in the world wine industry.



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