Winemaking News, April 2023

7 aspects of Changyu: A comprehensive look at China's leading winery - China's XO

On April 9th, the "Appreciation of China Koya in Rongcheng" Southwest Distributor Conference and High-end Consumer Leaders Tasting Conference were held at Wangjiang Hotel. Koya Guimao Rabbit Year Zodiac Commemorative Wine was released in limited quantities in the southwest of China.

Chateau Koya Brandy has created the "double yeast temperature controlled fermentation method" and "secondary awakening" process, giving Koya brandy a strong "Chinese flavor".

From representing Chinese brandy and winning the Grand Prize at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition, to defeating numerous world-renowned wines and winning the championship at the Global XO Blind Taste Competition in 2019, Koya Brandy created the "New World of Brandy".

In 2019, the Koya Brandy Barrel Collection for 15 Years XO won the championship in the "Global XO Blind Taste Competition" with 93.8 points.

At present, Koya Brandy has been exported to 20 countries and regions worldwide, showing the charm and strength of "Chinese brewing" to the world.

Master Sommelier Frank Kämmer MS said that globally, in terms of top brandy, China's Koya is now an important competitor, and Koya will definitely occupy a very important position among the world's top brandy brands over time.