Winemaking News, May 2023

7 aspects of Changyu: A comprehensive look at China's leading winery - Globalization

On April 9th, Travis Fuller, General Manager of Kilikanoon Estate, flew to Chengdu to attend the tasting and launch conference of the new wine "Kilikanoon Seven Star Crown Blended Dry Red Wine," which was also his first time visiting China. The face changing art of Sichuan Opera surprised and fascinated him, and he gave a thumbs up for the vastness and profoundness of traditional Chinese culture.

As one of the wine companies with the deepest and widest distribution in the world, Changyu has 14 Chateaux and 250,000-acre grape bases worldwide. Thanks to its global layout, Changyu is able to maximize the integration of global advantageous resources, such as high-quality raw materials, first-class talents, exquisite brewing technology, and diverse market channels. In terms of market channels, Changyu integrates the global Chateaux marketing network and has products sold to more than 80 countries worldwide, becoming the fourth-largest wine company in the world with the second largest brand value in the world.

Changyu also established a multinational rotation system for winemakers, utilizing the climate differences between the northern and southern hemispheres. The 14 major wineries worldwide rotate their winemakers across borders during the local off-season, providing in-depth exchange and learning, greatly improving their brewing skills.

In the competition with top international brands on the same stage, the quality of Chinese wine is also constantly improving. Sun Jian, General Manager of Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Company Limited, said that Chinese wine must occupy a place internationally in the future. It is hoped that more Chinese companies can work together to enhance the reputation of Chinese wine.