Winemaking News, May 2023

7 aspects of Changyu: A comprehensive look at China's leading winery - Craftman Spirit

From the lakeside of Xizi Lake to Nanhu Lake in Jiaxing, from City of Springs Jinan to Wonderland Yantai, AFIP Grand Ceremony entered Chengdu on April 10, marking the sixth city of a journey of craftsmanship.

Led by Li Jiming, Chinese brewing master and chief winemaker of Changyu, Qian Gaochao, Chinese master of arts and crafts, national inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, the creative team of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit's Blooming Age, and outstanding enterprise representatives jointly advocated the Tianfu Declaration to pay tribute to the great national craftsmanship and promote Chinese brands to go global.

Changyu was founded in Yantai in 1892. For over 130 years, Changyu has always focused on the main business of brewing, dedicated itself to researching brewing techniques, well telling Chinese stories, showcasing Chinese confidence, and leading Chinese wine to face the world with craftsmanship and quality.