Event News, September 2023

Super Grapes | Clash of the vintages!

"Hello, beautiful people! Get ready because my dear Austrian friend @lenz_m_moser is back in town, and we're going to have an absolute blast!

Let me introduce you to the star of the show: our amazing friend, who also happens to be a wine enthusiast Extraordinary wine maker @changyumoserxv

Prepare your taste buds, fellow wine lovers, because we're about to embark on a delicious journey in two fantastic restaurants @subarestaurante & @restauranteogaveto

Now, let's talk about the great dinners that await us. Imagine this: a gathering of close friends, beloved clients and fellow wine enthusiasts, all gathered together to celebrate this joyous occasions. The air will be filled with laughter, clinking glasses, awesome cuisine and the enchanting aroma of exquisite wines, believe me... very exquisite.

Get ready to make new contacts, strengthen existing ties and create memories that will last a long time.

So mark your calendars! Save the date for this unforgettable meeting, where laughter, friendship and divine wines will abound. Get ready to enjoy two evenings full of warmth, joy and the sheer pleasure of being surrounded by marvellous people who share a common love for the best pleasures in life.

I can't wait to see all your smiling faces as we gather to welcome our dear friend back to town. Let's raise our glasses, toast to friendship and embark on this extraordinary journey that awaits us. Here's to nights of unforgettable moments that will forever be engraved in our hearts and to avoiding headaches the next day....please."

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