Canada, February 2020

Chateau Changyu Moser XV: open your mind and discover great wines from China byBernardino Paula

I attended the Chateau Changyu Moser XV Master Class at the Shangri La Hotel in Toronto February 20 2020. Organized by Von Terra, the Master Class was hosted by Austrian winemaker and proprietor Lenz Mozer. We tasted four wines he produces in Chateau Changyu Moser XV in Ningxia, China's best wine growing region. Chateau Changyu Moser XV is the only winery in China to make a red, white and rosé from Cabernet Sauvignon.


Lenz is a great storyteller, telling us about the history of the Chateau and the history of wine making in China while we tasted his delicious wines. Although there are no local varietals, there is a lot of red wine produced and consumed in China but “nobody wants to do winery management in China,” he said.


I truly enjoyed Lenz’ philosophy of “minimal manipulation of grapes” – in other words, let the grapes unfold and give the type of wine it’s supposed to give. I also loved Lenz’ attitude of “wine is to have fun”. I especially adored his answer to someone who asked “What do you pair the Blanc de Noir with?” and he responded “You pair it with everything!” – and that’s how it should be: no snobbism with wine – just have fun with it!


We got to try the wines with great appetizers from the Shangri La Hotel such as tuna nigiri and beef sliders. Thank you for the great event Von Terra!


The four wines we tasted are available at the LCBO:

- Chateau Changyu Moser XV Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc Noir 2018 - I loved this wine!

- Chateau Changyu Moser XV Helan Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

- Chateau Changyu Moser XV Family Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

- Chateau Changyu Moser XV Grand Vin Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 - My favourite of the four wines we tried at this Master Class.

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