Switzerland, July 2023

NZZ | Top Chinese wines challenge Bordeaux by Peter Keller

China is a huge wine country. The best wines can certainly compete with the elite of Europe and at least keep up with them. This was shown by a small, interesting comparison with top Bordeaux crus.

Conclusion: The (expensive and exclusive) wines from Asia are almost on par with the equally expensive French and do not have to hide from the big names. Although two Bordeaux were at the top of the rankings, the best Chinese followed just behind them. The question is whether consumers in this country will pay 200 or 300 francs for a bottle from China. It still needs a lot of persuasion. It's definitely not the quality.

Purple Air Comes from the East 2016, Château Changyu Moser, China: The cru made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon has reached its first drinking maturity, but has further reserves for several years. It is clearly recognizable as a New World wine - quite a positive sign. Notes of dark berries and spicy peppermint notes can be found on the nose. The multi-layered wine is strong, has ripe tannins, good acidity and ends with a long finish. 18.5/20 points.

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