UK, September 2023

Jancis Robinson | Lenz Moser's big Chinese trial

LMM Projects is busy, busy, busy – not least with pitting its wine made at this 'chateau' in
China against Ch Lafite.

For 18 years now he has been working with their ‘chateau’ in Ningxia, particularly on
wines to export, and he contacted me recently to suggest a tasting of their top wine, Ch
Changyu Moser XV, Purple Air Comes from the East, with various top Cabernets. He
explained this somewhat cumbersome name to me in an email: ‘this was given to me by
a Chinese calligrapher in Qingdao on the occasion of a speech I gave in 2015 – he liked it
so much (for our vision of making wine in China and belonging in the company of the
world’s finest) that he wanted to give me something and did this piece of art on a poster
about two metres wide. It means: all the good stuff comes across the East China Sea and
purple is THE noble colour in China too.’

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