China, November 2023

Esquire Magazine: China's first Chateau to Produce Collectible Wines


Liquid assets in the form of fine wine,described by AAWE (American Association of Wine Economists), tend to be less volatile than other markets and can produce a greater return if done right and at scale.

According to Liv-ex, the global marketplace for the wine trade,its fine wine indices grew by 178.3% in the first decade of the 21st , surpassing other alternative investment options, such as stocks, blue-chip art, rare stamps and real estates of UK.

Not Only the Old World Wines

Jean-Marie Cardebat, full professor of Economics at the University of Bordeaux, a member of AAWE,points out that the economic value of collectible wines is the combination of its craftsmanship and relative scarcity, which will be climbing till it reaches its peak .

It is worth noting that terroir affects the taste of wine. Wine from every renowned Chateau and vineyard has its unique style and charm. A true collector will constantly explore and invest a variety of fine wines, not just foucus on Chateau Lafite or DRC, following the investment strategy of "not putting your eggs in the same basket".

In recent years, Chinese wines are becoming more and more popular. Many auction houses and wine experts believe that after more than 130 years of experience, Chinese wine has made great progress and starts to sit at the same table with top wines all over the world. Some of Chinese top wines are expected.

Best Chinese Wine to Collect &Invest

Chateau Tinlot, China's first chateau to produce collectible wines, opened recently. Although it has been 11 years since the foundation of Chateau Tinlot, it has already emerged in the world’s best wines.

With excellent quality, Chateau Tinlot was awarded“Best of show China”

in MUNDUS VINI World Wine Competition in 2021. In 2022 and 2023,it also won FIWA Grand Gold Award for two consecutive years, Of which the cabernet Sauvignon blend received the highest score.

From the perspective of wine economics, Chateau Tinlot is unique and special in its reputation, craftsmanship, and scarcity.

Reputation of Chateau Tinlot

chateau Tinlot, named after Mr. Robert Tinlot , " Pioneer of Modern Wine World"and former Director General of OIV. In 2012,authorized by Mr. Robert Tinlot for free, Changyu started the construction of Mr. Tinlot’s namesake Chateau, striving for making highly collectible wines in China.

In 1985,Mr. Robert Tinlot was elected International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) Director General .

In 1987,Mr. Tinlot first came to Yantai and awarded the title of "International vine and Wine City" to Yantai.

Chateau Tinlot is a great wine created by a century-old Chinese wine enterpreise and the " Pioneer of Modern Wine World".

It is an ultra high-end wine that can remain in optimal condition for at least 25 years. Whether its craftmanship or scarcity, Chateau Tinlot has also achieved a level that most wines cannot reach.

Chateau Tinlot comprises of over 1,000 mus of hillside vineyards,including 36 premium blocks with vines over 30 years old.Having the most vigorous roots, these vines can absorb more microelements, give the wine a much more complex flavor.Grapes are picked and chosen carefully,even in a normal year, only one tenth of the best grapes meet certain criteria for making collectible Estate Wines.

Unsual from Fermentation, Maturing to Bottling

Once harvested ,the grapes are protected with dry ice and placed in fermentation tanks within 30 minutes to minimize juice oxidation and the loss of aroma. Instead of using a maximum of 2 types of yeasts in most wineries, there are 5 different types of yeast used for winemaking in Chateau Tinlot. Three of which are researched and developed independently by Changyu with intellectual property rights, greatly enhancing the flavor and complexity of wine.

30-day long fermentation period,three times longer than traditional method makes wine more complex.

The innovative use of Chinese oak barrels during aging gives the wine more Chinese flavor and fascination .

The black baking varnished bottle can not be penetrated by the light of strong flashlights and protect wine from the harmful effects of light. The bottle mouth is 1 mm narrower than that of standard bottlewhich makes it better sealed.

Nitrogen for wine bottling, corking under negative pressure,both create an oxygen free environment for the wine.49mm extra long natural cork allows the wine aged potential to the greatest extent.

Wine is a poem in the bottle, which records the story of a block in a year, with wind, rain and sunshine. The history, culture and returns on investment attached to a bottle of Tinlot, a wine remaining in optimal condition for at least 25 years, are highly imaginative.

As a highly diversified product, the top wine from China has becoming an essential flavor in the wine collection world. Chateau Tinlot will l become a hot collection, just as Opus one and Screaming Eagle 20 years ago.