Our Philosophy

The principle idea of this château is the cooperation between CHANGYU as the pioneering premiere Chinese winery and the European/Austrian Moser Family: a challenging and exciting combination of Chinese emergence to the global wine world, aspiring to belong in the company of the world’s finest and of the European spirit for excellence of 15 generations in wine. Despite of all the difference in culture from two worlds, CHANGYU and Lenz M. Moser became partners 12 years ago and still share the same vision: being the first from China in going global and establish CHATEAU CHANGYU MOSER XV as the leading château from China.

Since 2 years Lenz M. Moser has been making the wines at the château himself – together with his alter ego, Chinese winemaker Mr Fan Xi. They demonstrate first surprising results in quality and taste, always in the pursuit of finding the typical and authentic Ningxia style of wine. It is just the beginning, however, but affirms the potential for the future in establishing China on the world map of wine.

 “Chateau Changyu Moser XV is not run by fashion but by quality, by the confidence we have in what we are doing and by the determination to go the extra mile for our customers and fans. However, we will always capture the „zeitgeist“ and the mood we are living in as well. It is imperative for us to have always our integrity in mind and to live up to expectations – well, not enough, we wish to excite our followers with ever improving quality. This is the task we are striving for in every single vintage.”