Moser Family (2016)


Moser Family (2016)


Cabernet Sauvignon


14,5 % Vol.


750 ml


5 years


The SECOND VIN of the château represents the latest generation of top wines from China – and belonging to the world´s finest.

As any other great Cabernet Sauvignon MOSER FAMILY 2016 fits the classic food for classic reds. However, nothing better than a juicy steak, a nice piece of suitable cheese or a nice chocolate tarte will make your senses go wild.




Jancis Robinson MW, in Purple Pages (Tasted 3rd July 2019): “16.5 points. A very good year in Ningxia apparently. Two years in French oak, 10% new. ‘We play a lot with opulence'.

Bottled in March 2019. Dark, developed ruby. Aromatic, perfumed Cabernet. Lots of tannin and potential.”


And this is what it is – lots of potential and yet, already drinkable.


At 14.5% ABV it brings drinking pleasure immediately as it represents the second style of the Chateau’s reds: lighter tannin structure, more primary fruit aromas such as cassis, a bit of tobacco and vanilla.


The small Ningxia Cabernet berries bring an abundance of pleasure in terms of charm and freshness. Benchmark the wine with Cabernet wines from around the world and you will surprise yourself and your guests both in terms of quality and value for money.


The future typicity, authenticity of Ningxia is hinted already in this particular ambassador of the region – spice of China is the element we are seeking and try to perfect – the aim is that in ten years you should be able to hold a a glass of Ningxia wine to your nose and immediately identify the region and hopefully the Chateau.



  • 2016 was a truly great year in Ningxia
  • 2016 is richer, more flavor and tannins than in the other great year 2015
  • with vines between 12 – 18 years old 
  • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon (small and healthy berries with brown seeds and 24 brix)
  • 7 different coopers, French, medium toast, most of them second and third use) at the “chais” of the château for 18 months
  • Growing, fermenting and blending under supervision of Lenz M. Moser (Chief Winemaker Chateau Changyu Moser XV) who spends the entire harvest period in Ningxia – and a total of 5 times at the Chateau – ca. 3 months in total per year
  • “mise en bouteille au château/estate bottled“: bottled at the château in March 2019
  • 2016 marks the second harvest of Lenz M. Moser at the Chateau – after collaborating with Changyu in Yantai (Shandong province) for the 10 years prior, the Chairman and CEO of Changyu and LMM agreed that LMM will be in charge of CCMXV from 2015 onwards, making and also marketing the wine.