Event News, February 2020

New release: Chateau Changyu Moser XV "Purple Air Comes From The East" Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Purple Air Comes From The East – PACE „fortune & luck from the east!“


14.3% ABV - This is the lowest of our top wines and the acidity level of 5.4 G/L is also a welcome indicator of freshness. We learn from Bordeaux and its approach to “la frecheur”.

Beautiful floral aromas on the nose, leading to more complex red and dark berry fruit notes, with savoury hints of cedar, tobacco and a warm touch of vanilla from subtle wood treatment – all in perfect harmony, with a built in “feel good” factor.

On the palate, luscious, generous and moreish with a delightful freshness. A top wine from Ningxia yet we have focused on elegance and finesse, the wine has intensity and complexity without being overbearing or overwhelming.

Lenz M. Moser: ‘We believe this wine will pave the way for a new breed of Ningxia wines, where the focus is on the pure pleasure of drinking.’

Since it is my second vintage it is hard to say when peak drinking will be reached, however, judging from the quality of the grapes at harvest, it will drink well for a minimum of 15 years. The wine is still super young, yet already a real pleasure to enjoy.

It is certainly the best ever red I have been involved in making. We worked very hard to bring this new style of wine to life. And I will dedicate this very special creation to the leaders of Changyu and all involved in making this wine. It takes a great team to achieve, now the ultimate jury is out with the opinion formers and our customers to give the final verdict.



- 2016 was a truly great year in Ningxia - 2016 is richer, more flavour and tannins than in the other great year, vines between 12 – 18 years old

- For this truly special and ultra rare wine – only 6,300 bottles made

- we have chosen the blending components barrel by barrel, selecting grapes only from the very best parcels of our estate vineyards

- 100% Cabernet Sauvignon (small and healthy berries with brown seeds and 24 -25 brix)

- Aged in barriques (5 different coopers, French, medium toast, 100 % first use) in the barrel cellar at the Chateau for 24 months

- Growing, fermenting and blending under supervision of Lenz M. Moser (Chief Winemaker Chateau Changyu Moser XV) who spends the entire harvest period in Ningxia – and a total of five times at the Chateau – ca. three months in total per year

- “Mise en bouteille au château / Estate Bottled“

- 2016 marks the second harvest of Lenz M. Moser at the Chateau

– after collaborating with Changyu in Yantai (Shandong province) 10 years prior, the Chairman and CEO of Changyu and LMM agreed that LMM will be in charge of CCMXV from 2015 on wards, making and also marketing the wine.


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