Event News, September 2020

Speech and benchmark tasting at the Rotary Club of Melk Austria with our chef winemaker Lenz Moser


Speech and benchmark tasting ( all 6 CCMXV wines and wines from Whispering Angel and Cos Estrournel) at the Rotary Club of Melk, Austria. Some opinion molders, some winery owners and other good clients presented. This we do also in order to spread the story of our wines to the public , targets towards opinion molders AND equally important to retain a feeling for the consumer how they react to China, the  wines, the story.

Our chef winemaker Lenz Moser said he always been blown away by the positive reaction about the CCMXV project by the general public - the interest is super high , the knowledge of china limited and sometimes not always up to date - as he always emphasizes :

  •  The story about modern china and its great people
  • The story of Changyu and its achievements as the oldest and best winery in china
  • And the story of the great cooperation between Changyu and the Lenz Moser family in creating china's "best of china" chateau and also gain recognition on a global bases