Event News, March 2021

Bibendum UK | celebrate the UK launch of our top wine Purple Air @Sexy Fish

This same week last year we were due to host a very special event in the #coralreef room @sexyfishlondon together with @bibendumwine to celebrate the UK launch of our top wine Purple Air

Sadly we couldn’t go ahead due to the pandemic and what a very strange 12 months it has been. We have some exciting plans to do something when the time is right.

Purple Air is from @lenz_m_moser ‘s favourite vineyard at the chateau
It’s just outside the main entrance, a little parcel of 4 hectares  of tiny #ningxia Cabernet Sauvignon berries

Lenz selects certain rows and some times specific vines - he gives very clear instructions for the pickers.

2016 was a truly great year in Ningxia - 2016 is richer, more flavour and tannins than in the other great year

After vinification, the wine undergoes ageing in barriques (5 different coopers, French, medium toast, 100 % first use) in the barrel cellar at the Chateau for 24 months.

In traditional Chinese symbolism, purple symbolizes divinity and immortality and in modern times, purple is used to represent love or romance.  It’s also Lenz Moser’s favourite colour!